Adapta Market


ADAPTA MARKET is a digital platform whose aim is to bring together literature and audiovisuals in order to promote literary adaptations on the screen.

If you are an author of a literary or theatrical work, or a publisher who owns the adaptation rights, you can register your work on the platform and access audiovisual professionals who are interested in acquiring the rights or who can help you develop the adaptation.

If you are an audiovisual professional, you can search for the perfect work to realize your new project. You can search for the perfect work to prepare a new production and contact authors and publishers.

The MARKET allows you to do all this and more. The MARKET functions as a marketplace where authors, publishers, producers and screenwriters can contact each other directly.

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How does it work?

There are two ways to join: as an author or publisher, by registering a work, or by searching for stories.

Once you have created your account, you can contact all the participants within the platform, access the registered works, save your favorites or create your own agenda of contacts.

You can also send private messages to other participants.

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One-time access fee per book: 10 €

  • Icono Unlimited subscription period
  • Icono Access to all the professionals registered on the platform
  • Icono Creation of a personal user account
  • Icono Creation of a one page for each book by the subscriber
  • Icono Translation of the page in all the languages of the platform, service offered by the platform
  • Icono Access to the newsletter
  • Icono Information about who has visited your works
  • Icono 5% discount on platform services


Find stories

Free subscription

  • Icono Creation of a user one page
  • Icono Access to the catalog
  • Icono Search for books through different tags
  • Icono Access to the collections (books that have undergone a curation process and have participated in one of the face-to-face events organized by Adapta)
  • Icono Access to all the professionals registered on the platform
  • Icono Newsletter

Paid subscription

  • Icono Organization of a pitch according to the company’s interests. Contact us.